Sunday, July 29, 2012


Todd Ryotoshi Norcross releases another spectacular instrumental piano CD, "Ancestor." Norcross, who is no stranger to the music scene as he has composed several albums, skillfully performs on the piano with a fine style and grace. His songs are warming and inviting and leaves you wanting to hear more of this artist. The opening track, "Rise of the Son," draws you into the beautiful melody as Norcross plays the piano with a soulful passion. The title track, "Ancestor," has a magical tonality as it impresses with it regal style. "Ghost," is a song with mystic qualities and will seep subtly into your soul. Another song, "Peanuts Jam," has a nice walking bass line and a fun loving melody. Fans of instrumental piano music will truly take pleasure listening to the stunning melodies on the wonderful album, "Ancestor."

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Omniboogie 2012

Highly accomplished pianist, Rob Rio, releases an outstanding collection of instrumental Boogie-Woogie songs on his superb CD, "Omniboogie 2012." The artistic arrangements throughout this album are first rate as Rio deftly performs each song with intense precision and dynamic expression. The song, "Fickle Jelly Jam," is an irresistible melody that Rio executes with a rich musical complexity on the keys. Another song, "Calabasas in the Spring," has a smooth groove and ignites with a soulful appeal. "Bb Strut," is another song where Rio amazes the listener with his quick and skillful style as he entices you with a vibrant energy across the keys. Fans of Jerry Lee Lewis will really appreciate the magnificent songs on the brilliant album, "Omniboogie 2012."

Monday, March 26, 2012


Highly accomplished pianist, John Paris, will soothe your heart and soul with his exquisite New Age/instrumental CD, "Reflections." Paris performs with dynamic tonality as his well crafted compositions are warm and inviting. The opener/title track, "Reflections," invites you to hear a song that is over flowing with serene tranquility. This track is emotive as the relaxed melody flows with a sophisticated style and grace. Another song, "Lady Moon," showcases an emotive melody that Paris so deftly performs. "Early Evening," takes on a slightly livelier Jazz approach as it invigorates with a punchy bass line and a fun, hypnotic melody. If you love to listen to instrumental music featuring the piano then the album, "Reflections," comes highly recommended as it will uplift your spirits and seep subtly into your soul.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

“Barefoot” by Sven Sundberg

Musical artist, Sven Sundberg, releases a wonderful set of ambient instrumental piano songs on his latest CD, "Barefoot." Sundberg has created an album that will soothe your soul and whisk you away to a calm and comforting serenity. The song, "Hopefully," flows with a warm and inviting tonality and is also layered with sweet sounding strings. Another song, "In Your Love," sparkles with a tender melody while soft drums keep a steady beat. This song is also featured as a piano solo and really highlights Sundberg's talents as an emotive pianist. "Spring Has Sprung," is a song that offers a dreamy soundscape and will put you into a state of peaceful tranquility. You will really enjoy the relaxing collection of easy listening piano instrumentals on the excellent album, "Barefoot."

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Luminessence" by Kim Malmquist (Classical Artist from Sweden)

Highly gifted pianist, composer, and conductor, Kim Malmquist, releases an exquisite collection of beautiful instrumental Classical piano music on his recent album, "Luminessence." This album captures the essence of nature and light as Malmquist performs his songs with soothing intonations. Even the song titles lets one visualize how the power of light can stimulate the mind and body. The first track, "Light reflecting on a window," is delicate and dreamy as the melodic piano gracefully swirls across the keys with a silky fashion. "Echos of a memory," is a song that flows with passion and soulful spirit. The song, "Remembering a moondream," stimulates meditative ambiance as the melody takes you away to a place where you will be absorbed with reflective sensations. "Luminessence," is a superb album that will liberate your inner tranquility and is an album you will truly enjoy.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, March 7, 2011

"Turn the Tide" by Peter Auret Trio (Piano Jazz Artist from South Africa)

The CD, "Turn the Tide," is the spectacular debut album by the Peter Auret Trio. This album is overflowing with stunning Jazz instrumentals with traditional and contemporary styles. Each song features bright and crisp piano, solid drums, and cool bass lines. The opener/title track, "Turn the Tide," draws you into a relaxing mood as the smooth and silky melody flows with an easy moving pace. "Who Will Watch the Watchmen?" is another song that casts a palette of magical grooves as the piano ignites with a vibrant and bold Jazz melody. Feel the syncopated beats on the song, "Panorama," as it grooves with an elegant and classy musical complexity. Fans of instrumental Jazz, featuring the piano, will really enjoy the wonderful album, "Turn the Tide" as these talented musicians are bursting with passion and flair.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Upbeat Journey" by Zrusk (Classical: Piano Solo Artist from Utah)

The talented pianist, Zach Rusk, and his latest released CD, "Upbeat Journey," will impress you with his artistic arrangements of beautiful New Age/Contemporary instrumentals. Rusk takes his musical finesse on the piano and creates a lovely blend of songs that are stylish and upbeat. "Journey," is a song that highlights the crisp clean clarity of the piano as the soft and subtle strings cascades around the elegant melody. You'll feel as if the warm sun is shining down upon you on the cheery song, "Sunshine" as the vibrant and happy melody flows with an encouraging musical tonality. The rich and bold ambiance of the piano on the song, "Dream Catch," is stunning as the faint touch of strings mingle with the magical melody. If you like piano instrumentals and are a fan of John Tesh, then you will appreciate the wonderful collection of songs on the album, "Upbeat Journey."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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